PCB Encapsulation

Greenstock has been overmoulding products for over 14 years, starting with simple cable glands and connector overmoulds but rapidly moving into the PCB overmoulding/encapsulation field.


Traditionally if PCB;s needed to be sealed in order to keep out moisture, ensure they were protected from damage or even to protect proprietary information, a potting process was used. This is messy, requires significant curing time and compared to modern overmoulding techniques is costly. Greenstock can help assess your project and advise on the suitability of PCB encapsulation for your project.

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Where delicate components are used on the PCB, low pressure moulding techniques can be used to protect these during moulding, more traditional overmoulding can also be used to add detailed features, company branding or where the appliacion calls for specific plastic grades.

Cable or wire entry points can be incorporated into the design, adding flexible strain relief features where needed. Something not possible with potting techniques.

Greenstock can also help with overmoulding design, ensuring the product is designed in a way that suits the overmoulding process and keeps wastage to an absolute minimum.

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Product Quality is key to this market we embrace a very flexible approach providing customers with products as & when required. We implement a service structure that suits your operations.

"Greenstock's technical capabilities and over-moulding facilities put them in a league of their own. This, coupled with their flexible approach and commitment to customer service, makes them an ideal business partner" Claire Childs, Managing Director, Live Electronics

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