Cable Harness Design

Cable harness assembly is a core skill of our business and over the last 30 years we’ve supplied a wide range of customers around the world. We can help with the design of your cabling, ensuring the raw cable meets the demands of you application, assisting with connector selection and ensuring any overmouldings are well designed.

Cable Harness Design
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Quality connections are important

When your developing your product, connecting all the elements together often features low down the priority list, however it can often be one of the key elements end users get there hands on, a good cable screams good quality.

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Overmoulding adds a professional finish

Overmoulded cables are a must for modern consumer products and there are many different tooling options to reduce initial investment. Moulded features can include connectors, ESD suppression products or glands, good strain relief design is also key in applications where flexing may occur.


Make the best connections

Good connector selection is important, not only from a safety point of view, but also when it comes to ease of connection and suitability for the application. our engineers have worked within the connector industry and can advise on the best connectors to use, or even guide you through a custom design.


Plug & Play systems

Greenstock has assisted in the design of several plug and play cabling systems in applications from under floor heating to lighting installation, good cabling design is key to the success of a plug and play product, we know how to make it work.

Why we're one of the UK's top cable harness design manufacturers:

  • Experinaced and knowledgable staff ready to assist you
  • Collaborative design process
  • Low and high pressure overmoulding options
  • Excellent custmer service and quick turnaround

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