In-connect introduce new Low Pressure moulding capability

Monday 03 December, 2012

In-connect are developing their Manufacturing capabilities through the introduction of a new low pressure moulding capability as an addition to their already impressive injection, inset and over moulding abilities.

LP over moulding uses Macromelt materials and offers a lower tooling cost than standard injection moulding. This lower initial investment makes this process much more suited to low to medium volume applications where a professional moulded finish was previously not a viable option. This moulded finish will then improve both product performance and result in a more cost effective product.

In-connect designers are now able to offer both Low pressure and standard moulding options when working with client to meet their connectivity and electrical needs these options achieve extra product advantages in both mechanical and electrical applications using this non aggressive, cost effective and fast moulding solutions.

An added benefit of introducing LP over moulding to our portfolio is that the properties in this product are suitable for a number of applications...

  • The Grip to PVC is excellent, making it suitable for anchoring cables
  • Bonds to clean steel solder and other metals commonly encountered in electronic modules.
  • When cool Macromelt is tough retaining slight flexibility below zero degrees yet good rigidity to 130 degrees or even higher with selected variants.
  • Electrical insulation is excellent at typically 1012?/cm and dielectric breakdown does not occur up to stresses of 20kv/mm.

Other applications such as encapsulation benefit from 2 stage moulding also offered by In-connect, the first for bulk encapsulation and centrality, the second to ensure correct all-round thickness and finish.

These capabilities allow In-connect to offer a wider range of services to their customers, if you have any questions about this service please call us on 01522 522 522.

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