In-connect develops plug and play LED lighting system

Friday 30 November, 2012

In conjunction with Retail Lighting solutions and supported by major display stand manufacturers In-connect has developed a plug and play LED lighting solution designed to meet the demanding needs of retail display applications.

All lighting products are fully interchangeable using a common and user friendly connection system matched with an extensive range of interconnect cables, splitters and distribution boxes allowing users to easily build their own lighting solution to fit the end product with the minimum of fuss and without the need to employ costly electricians for installation.

The compact connector system allows you to think freely with your lighting design and its flexibility enables you to move fixtures around product displays for optimum lighting without worrying about any practical implications.

Our connectors can make your lighting visualizations a reality.

For more information about this or any other product inconnect offers, or to find out how the plug and play system can meet your needs contact In-connect on 01522 522 522 or email

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