In-connect develops off-shore manufacturing capability

Friday 02 December, 2011

For many years UK OEM's have faced a difficult choice, pay over the odds for a high quality cable harness product made by a UK manufacturer, or go direct to the Far East and get a lower cost product but face uncertainty about the service and quality levels they will experience.

In-connect has firsthand experience of this, having lost customers to offshore manufacturers only to win the customer back when they have been promised deliveries that don't happen or received substandard, unusable product.

It is well known that UK based suppliers offer high service levels, reliable quality assurance and offer engineering and design solutions that are second to none, however cost is often king and forces OEM's offshore. In an effort to address this trend and offer our customers exactly what they need In-connect has come up with a solution that offers the best of both worlds.

Having developed close links with a number of Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers we are now able to offer Chinese pricing, with the security of a UK based supplier. This means that customers can order with confidence knowing that In-connect will minimise the risk normally associated with this supply route.

These new relations have given In-connect the ability to offer their customers low cost, high quality products with medium to high demand levels and supported with UK based engineering abilities. When combining this with In-connects existing, well established UK manufacturing abilities for low volume and highly complex parts it gives us the ability to offer a very broad portfolio of products and services to both new and existing customers.

In-connect also has the ability of offer UK based warehousing and stocking services, meaning customers can benefit from low pricing whist maintaining low stocks and avoiding the prospect of a container full of goods turning up all in one drop. Conversely we can also deliver direct to any worldwide location, already having some customers receiving parts direct to their own China based manufacturing partners thus minimising the logistics costs.

Not only will this allow Inconnect to develop their product range and productivity but working with off-shore manufacturers stimulates continuous innovation and developments in technology as well as providing education in manufacturing methods.

It is anticipated that In-connect will be able to supply products through their off-shore partners in late 2011 with the hope that this venture will enable In-connect to broaden their horizon in terms of worldwide customer base.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any more information on this or any other of the services inconnect offers, you can contact us at, by telephone at 01522 522 522 or request a callback.

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