In-connect develops new cable test capability

Wednesday 05 December, 2012

Following the acquisition of a new Easy Wire CR test system, In-connect has significantly improved its cable testing capabilities.

This PC based test system gives Inconnect the ability to test and fault find complex wire harnesses and cable assemblies with ease and replaces the more traditional and very time consuming manual testing of looms previously being carried out.

The test system is also capable of testing electronic components embedded into looms and tests to a resistance of 0.1ohm allowing dry solder joints and poorly fitted crimp terminals to be detected. This reduces the potential for our products to fail in the field.

In-connect believes this is a significant step forward for the company and forms part of its ongoing commitment to improving Quality Assurance, adding to its already impressive technical capabilities. Stuart Raffles Inconnect's QA and Engineering Manager stated

"Our historical record is very good; however failures do occur during manufacturing, adding this impressive testing capability reduces the potential for failure to an absolute minimum, ensuring we provide the best possible service to our customers"

Further information on In-connect's commitment to Quality is available from the QA page, more information on the CR tester is available from the manufacturers website.

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