Greenstock Lighting - Engineering The Solution To Your Illumination Requirements

Tuesday 28 May, 2013

Greenstock Lighting has worked with Holscot Fluroplastics Ltd to bring LED illumination to ETFE Panels. Given our combined extensive knowledge in both the lighting industry and cable harness assembly, Greenstock Lighting were considered an ideal partner to engineer a solution to this custom build LED lighting strip installation.

Holscot's UK patented double glazed panels were lit with custom made to measure Greenstock Lighting LED kits, incorporating high output 5050 RGB LED's laid into flat aluminium profile. Holscot's ETFE panels perform especially well when optical and visual transparency is important, so for this application the colour changing RGB LED's were chose to compliment natural daylight. A remote control option was also installed to allow the customer to easily change the colour of the LED's as required to suit mood. The ETFE panels were encapsulated by an aluminium frame in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from rectangular, octagonal and triangular, therefore it was important to Holscot that any LED lighting solution could be easily customised to compliment the size and shape of each panel. Holscot ETFE panels 

The flexibility of Greenstock's LED offering ensured a variety of options could be supplied to support multiple applications to suit customer specification. The cost and complexity of installing the LED strips was reduced by the use of Greenstock's simple to use Plug and Play power distribution system, and the strips were easily mounted by the use of self adhesive tape. Partnering with Greenstock Lighting also ensured a quality end product, as all fittings were UK manufactured under ISO 9001 accreditation.

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